About Us

Supanova is an Australian Owned Company. Founded in 2019 by a young teenage girl who wanted to fill a gap and make a difference in the Beauty Industry.

Our purpose is to produce high quality products at an affordable price and ensure that everything is Cruelty Free. As a brand we stand strong against any animal harm. This is the issue within the Beauty Industry. A lot of people are not made aware of what goes on behind the scenes. We believe that we can help educate our customers and raise awareness about this controversial issue.

All of the lashes are made from Synthetic Fibers which are designed specifically to imitate the appearance and texture of real mink fur. Each lash is carefully hand-crafted to have a flexible band. This helps ensure with an easy application as well as being extremely lightweight and comfortable on the eye. Finally, our lashes are designed to be reused over 20 times. To ensure you get the most wears out of each pair make sure you clean in between uses and store them in their lash tray to maintain longevity.


Stand with us and support our Cruelty Free brand and make a difference starting today!